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Monday, 19 June 2017 12:43

Practicable & Usable

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A customer approached Unicorn to help find a solution with a very specific set of requirements.

Working with the vehicle supplier we were able to acheive the following:


  • C class car licence
  • Accommodate long loads
  • Maximum payload
  • Vehicle stability


  • Canter 515 single cab
  • Chassis Extension to increase wheel base
  • 6.7m Heavy Duty aluminium tray offering weight saving over steel tray
  • Load pins for ease of loading & improved load stability & security

Result = Practicable, safe, useable & fit for purpose.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 15:13

Aiding Independence

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Unicorn Transport Equipment is proud to have been asked to participate in a special build.

A gift in fact, to help aid the independence of a valued client’s family member.

Our small part in the build included.

  • Unicorn heavy duty aluminium tray
  • Custom tool box for convenient wheelchair storage and security, including:
    • Custom retractable boom arm for wheelchair hoist
    • Central locking
    • Door ajar alarms
    • ARB Bull Bar

We sincerely hope that our small part in the vehicle, plays a major part in the family’s happiness..

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Designed by Unicorn Transport Equipment for our valued long term client, Volunteer Task Force. The VTF is a not for profit organization involved in caring for our frail and elderly community members. This vehicles specification and build was fine-tuned by Unicorn sales staff, drawing on the VTF’s fleet management and gardening crew’s feedback and experience. All three sides have full mesh infill lift-up doors for ease of access, and are connected to central locking for added security. Custom built shelving for garden implements and an undertray tukaway toolbox drawer, were added for additional convenient & secure storage.

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